A marvelous wonder Paradise to visit

What makes Seychelles a phenomenal place to visit?

These paradise islands are the only world granite islands located in the mid-ocean.

The moment you see the islands from the sky till you land, will give you the sense as if u you are landed in a paradise. You are blessed to experience the deep turquoise blue water, its white sandy beaches with exotic sea life and the lush greens.

It is not only about its nature; you have to taste its food. Seychelles is described as a fusion of people and cultures. The people are a blend of Africans, Asians, and European descent. This harmonious blend is revealed in its food where you can taste various types of French, Chinese, Indian and African Cuisine.

Sea food is mostly served with different herbs and tastes while the most famous fruits is the young coconut drink and the “Ladob” dessert.


You are wondering what activities do Seychelles provide you

Well, aside from being a honeymooner or a couple going for luxury experience, Seychelles has different tours and activities that will never make you bored.

Seychelles has two main islands which are Mahe and Praslin.

You can go for a sightseeing tour as Victoria City, Market place and national historical sites as the Mission Lodge, Tea Factory, Spice Garden and the Eden Island.

You can also go for a Zip line, Mountain Hiking, Catamaran Cruise and Marine Park Boat Excursion.


Which Nationalities are allowed to visit Seychelles?

Whatever your nationality is, you are lucky as you don’t need a visa to enter Seychelles as a tourist, however you’ll receive a visitor’s permit on arrival