The Pearl of Lovers


The Pearl of Lovers

This is how I see Maldives and most all of its visitors from couples and honeymooners.

It is an exquisite destination for those who wanted to experience a luxury destination and relax on the white sand beach or in the middle of the crystal blue water.


What you should know about Maldives is that it a nation of islands in the Indian ocean. Only 200 islands are inhabited. Some of them are used for industries and agriculture where the others are the islands of luxury top 6 stars resorts in the world.

Every resort in Maldives has its own island and when booking a villa make sure you have your own private pool. This is a must! Believe me! you will not wish to go out from there. Anything you need, you can ask the room service to bring it while you are by the pool all day long in a nice swimsuit and flip flops.

Those islands are mesmerizing for the visitors as each has its unique shape like an art surrounded with a white sand frame and a clear shallow water.

The location of The Maldives made fish and coconut its main traditional cuisine, however you can still experience various tastes from Asia, East Africa, Arabs, and Indian subcontinents.

This difference in the style of food is also remarkable on the music and dance too that are also influenced by those continents.



What you can do other than relaxing under the sun?

Diving and snorkeling are the best in the world to experience in Maldives. The clear water of Maldives attracts anyone with the interest of the marine life. The richness and variety is astonishing; dazzling coral walls, magnificent caves and house of bright colored tropical fish await you when you get down to the reef. 



  • We recommend to book the accommodation on half board basis because mainly you will have a very late breakfast and an early dinner and it will worth. In general food and beverage is very expensive in any luxury resort. 

  • Don’t bring alcohol in your suitcase, it will be taken at the airport and they will return it to you when you’ll fly out from the country.