Between two continents

Istanbul is our Turkish delight!

Indeed the moment you visit this city you feel its charm with its unique façade or architecture that resembles three different empires: the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman.

Being the only city in the world on the peninsula between Europe and Asia made it a breathtaking and welcoming home to a very diverse crowd.

We can say that Istanbul has it all. From the old historical sites to the sound of modern city experiencing all into one; mingled through the spectacular Bosphorus strait.

It is the city of Mosques; around 3000 mosques, the hub of gastronomical experimentation with wide range of new and traditional dishes not forgetting the famous Simit (a type of bread) and Turkish delight and the city of Grand Bazaars.


What to do

We suggest different options for leisure.

  • Your travel to Istanbul would never be completed if you did not experience the Bosphorus cruise. You can book a tour to see the city from the bosphour  to realize how charming the place is.
  • You can go for historical tour among are the mosques with their amazing architecture.  The three famous mosques to visit are The Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and Suleymaniye Mosque.
  • Shopping in the Grand Bazaars always needed your bargain. You will spend hours bargaining for handwoven rugs, antiques and more.  The spice bazaar is another massive place to visit with its incredible array of spice, tea and herbs. 
  • Tasting is Yummi. There are major restaurants and food market that provides a huge margin of new and traditional dishes but never hesitate to try there Turkish delight, the kastanya and corn on the streets or the Mashed Potato with plenty of ingredients in it. Once you see them you will realize that you are in Istanbul.
  • After your travel, a Hamam is good for your relaxation. Get ready to heal your body, come and discover the thermal baths in Türkiye. Rejoice in the therapeutic waters, gifts of nature, to feel and get better. It is a traditional bath culture dating back to Ottoman Empire. It was very important ritual that represents the cleanness, relaxation, purification and social sharing during the era. It is one of the one time and unique experiences in the city.



  • Safety: The real risks for tourist are the same things that can happen in any major city: pickpockets, tourist scams, etc. You should use the same common sense that you use in any large city.
  • You might need sunscreen as weather can change from winter to summer and vice versa. This is mainly during November, December and February.
  • Taxi cabs and train stations are very pleasant and safe to use.
  • Women should be fully covered with a hijab and men should wear pants instead of shorts if they are likely to visit mosques for site seeing tours.
  • Wear comfy shoes. 


The Best Hotels

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