The City of Gold

We love Dubai!

It is a symbol for Trip of Luxury and that's why our headquarters are based there.

Dubai is the top of mind reference when it comes to luxury.

Everybody knows they have the biggest mall and the highest tower in the world.

Being a very young country, on 2nd December they celebrate the UAE National Day created in 1972, has found the way to appeal millions of tourists every year. It is a very active city, it never stops.

So many things to see: Dubai fountains, the Creek, the old Souqs, the Burj Khalifa, the Burj Al Arab, the Dubai Mall, the Palm, the desert, the Grand Mosque…

TOL moments

"My heart feels emotion when I smell the Oud, it takes me to magic nights in the desert under thousand stars while I can hear an old romantic song played by a mandolin.
Being in Dubai means the aroma of shisha, the henna in my hands and feet, the arabic perfums when walking in the malls, millions of lights in the night bringing out the beauty of the skyscrapers…
Flavours, smells, colors, sounds that seduce you and get into your soul… This feeling will never go away after visiting Dubai"

A traveler in love with Dubai


What to do

We suggest different options for leisure.

Shopping: Luxury shops and local bargains. This is the perfect match. Our local guide will take you there!

Desert:  With a Private jeep we will arrange a tour in the desert. Discover the marvellous colors of the sand, see the sunset among the dunes, experience a local barbeque while the belly dancer puts some magic in the scenario…

Water sports: Whatever you could imagine is available in Dubai: jet sky, flyboard, private yacht …

Fly in the sky: Hot ballooning, Helicopter ride or Skydive? We guarantee that the view is amazing

Local tours to explore the old town and traditional Souqs.



Dubai is a muslim country and you should consider few things to respect their rules and feel comfortable when visiting.

Some of things that may surprise you is seeing the locals wearing their traditional clothes. Men wear a white dress called kandoora and women wear a black one called Abaya. This is a symbol of respect to their country and unity.  Please don’t take pictures of them without permission.

Use proper clothes when visiting a mall or public building.

Few restrictions to be considered:

Please don’t show feelings in public like kissing

Don’t drink in public or if you are going to drive, they are 0% tolerance country.


The Best Hotels

Make a wish!

We will do a selection of 5* hotels that suits your taste and preferences

Coming with the family? Looking for a nice beach resort to chill in january? Preparing a honeymoon trip?

Tell us your dreams and we will make it come true.